REI Staff

REI Staff

Sara Marquez

Education Director

Annie Medina, BA

Assistant Director of Education Services

Jennifer Tipan, MA

Academic Advisor

Angelica Ceja, MA

Academic Advisor

John Harmon, MS

Academic Advisor

Crisanto Redoble, BA

Employment Specialist

Mia Aniceto, BA

Success Coach

Anna Bahn


Sandra Castaneda

Data Entry Specialist

Michelle Tanner

Peer Partner

Reyna Verduzco

Success Coach

"It's been an absolute pleasure and honor to provide and teach courses at REI. The students are dedicated, intelligent, and tenacious about their educational goals. The staff members offer consistent and valuable support and guidance to students and to the faculty. I'm grateful for the opportunity to teach and LEARN at REI."

- Kim Branch-Stewart, LCSW
Chair and Professor, Human Services Program
Saddleback College